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Things To Do

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Mommy & Daddy Time

Mommy & Daddy Time

Ah yes, “mommy time”, “daddy time” - music to our ears. But let’s face it, it doesn’t happen too often, especially with newborns. What DID we do with all that spare time we had before having children?!

Mommy & Daddy Time includes activities meant for YOU but allow little peanut to tag along without having to worry about tracking down a sitter or annoying other patrons or dare we say it...something for YOU to enjoy sans children.

Things To Do/Places To Go WITH Baby


Reel Babies – Empire Cinemas (Crystal Palace) CURRENTLY ON HOLD AS EMPIRE CINEMAS WAS BOUGHT OUT

What: New release movies
Where: Crystal Palace Cinemas, Dieppe
Cost: Please contact for updated prices
Comments: See a new release while enjoying the comforts of your own home, with much better snacks. The theatre modifies the volumes and adjusts the lighting. Also available for use in the theatre is a change table, microwave, rocking chair, exersaucer and more.

Parent's Night Out

What: Parents can enjoy 3 hours sans children when they drop them off at My Gym Chidlren's Fitness Centre
Ages: For children aged 3 - 9 years
When: the third Friday night of every month from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Where: My Gym Greater Moncton 6 George Street
24-hour cancellation policy
Contact: (506) 855-Kids (5437)
Comment: Children have a blast as they participate in tons of games and activities with experienced and caring staff in a fun and clean gym. Snacks are also provided.


Baby & You

What: 8 week post-delivery fitness program
Who: moms and their babies *babies should be no more than 18 pounds or crawling.
Where: Riverview Parks & Recerational Studio, 55 Biggs Drive
Contact: 387-2024
Comment: Get a great post-delivery workout using your own body weight, your baby's body weight and resistance bands. Every class will have nutritional tips and end with 10 minutes of yoga for a little extra bonding with your baby. This is a very baby friendly class and a great time to meet other moms.

Strollin Mamas - Here At The Core Coaching

What: 6 week Mommy workout program
Age: Moms and their newborns or toddlers willing to remain is a stroller during the workout
When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30-10:30am - Rain or shine
Where: Centennial Park, meet at the water (by the ducks)
Cost: Please contact Louise.
Contact: Louise Cormier at 871-0766, or the Town of Riverview 387-2024.
Comment: The workout is 60 minutes and includes cardio, squats, lunges, ab work, and resistance training with tubing. Bring a yoga mat and some water.

Step It Up Mama - Here At The Core Coaching

When: 10-11 am Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Where: Centennial Park
Contact: Louise Cormier at 871-0766
Comment: This class baby is still in stroller but is a harder class for moms. It will give those moms who have been active for sometime get that extra push.= Same price as the Strollin mamas.

Baby, It's You - Here At The Core Coaching

When: 6:30 pm for an hour Monday and Wednesday
Cost: Please contact Louise.
Where: Centennial Park
Contact: Louise Cormier at 871-0766
Comment: This class is for moms,dads or caregivers that have gone back to work and would like to continue on working out. The class is with out baby "bootcamp" style class.

Parent & Baby Yoga

Time: Thursdays, 11:00 to 12 noon
Dates: Please contact for new schedule.
Location: Blue Lotus Yoga Space, 454 St. George Street. (At Respiro Dancewear – opposite Dance East Studio)
Cost: Please contact for updated prices.
Age: Babies four/six weeks to crawling are welcomed
Registration: Please pre-register with me. You can pay at the first class.
Contact: Joanna 386-6727

In these classes the emphasis is on a gentle yoga practice for mothers, helping them get back in shape; re-aligning pelvic area, strengthening lower back and shoulders, toning abdominals, stretching and relaxing. Parents playfully bond with their new babies and the babies participate, enjoying massage and stimulation as well as being integrated into the breathing and asana practice. This develops babies' awareness and lays a foundation for good health and serenity.

Babies participate actively in classes. They may be on mothers’ tummies, laps, knees, held aloft to strengthen shoulders, given massages. Babies are also free to lie on their blankets, interact with each other, sleep in their carriers or are held by me while mothers are in the postures.


What: A group for mothers of preschoolers (0-kindergarten)
When: Bi-weekly on Thursdays 10 am - 12 pm (starting 12th Feb - June)
Where: Shediac Bay Community Church 28 Roy Mollins Drive, Shediac
Contact: 851-9809
Comments: MOPS is women from the community who meet together to laugh, cry and embrace the journey of motherhood. MOPS groups are rallying women to be more honest, to feel more equipped and to find our identity by journeying along side one another. Come find out for yourself what MOPS is all about at our open house information session. Childcare is provided on-site.

St Patrick’s Family Centre

What: On Site Babysitting
Age: Children 18 mths – 5 yrs (child must be toilet trained)
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 11:30 pm September-June only BUT PLEASE CALL TO VERIFY DAYS AND TIMES
Where: 34 Providence St, Moncton
Contact: 857-2024
Cost: Please contact for updated prices.
Comment: Parents must remain in the building.

YMCA of Greater Moncton

What: Infant Friendly Wellness Centre
Hours: Daily 10 am - 3 pm-PLEASE CALL to verify it is open
Where: 30 War Veterans Avenue, Moncton
Contact: 857-0606 or visit: www.ymcamoncton
Cost: Please contact for updated prices.
Comment: Parents or guardians can bring infants in car seats up to the Wellness Centre, excluding the free weight area.

YMCA of Greater Moncton

What: On Site Babysitting
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 1:30 pm; Saturday 8:30 am - 10:30 am
Where: 30 War Veterans Avenue, Moncton
Contact: 857-0606 or visit: www.ymcamoncton
Cost: Please contact for updated prices.
Comment: Parents must remain in the building.

Things To Do/Places To Go WithOUT Baby

Families of Multiple Births

What: Mom's Night Out
When: the last Thursday of every month (except July)
Where: a new location is TBA, check their site for details
Contact: 869-6743 (leave a message), or their Facebook group.
Comment: Again this is a Mom's night out (sans kids!) for Members of Families of Multiple Births.

Family-Friendly Businesses

Family-Friendly Businesses

F.F.B.'s are places you can go to without being worried that your toddler’s tantrum will get you kicked out. Sure the judgemental stares will likely continue but you’re used to those right?
Restaurants: Kids Eat Free Days

The majority of restaurants are very kid-friendly now, offering kid’s menus, high chairs, sippy cups, toys, crayons etc... Below is a list of restaurants offering “kids eat free days” or specials. A meal you don’t have to cook and kids are free...what could be better?!

Boston Pizza – kids eat for a lower rate on Sunday

East Side Marios – kids (10 & under) they have a special program please see restaurant for details

Montana's - kids eat free Tuesday

Pizza Delight-kids eat free Tuesday

Mike’s restaurant-kids eat free Wednesday

St. Hubert –kids eat for half price at lunch Saturday and Sunday from 11am-2pm and Tuesdays from 4pm-10pm kids (12 & under) eat for a lower rate.
Other Great Spots

Chapters – new and improved Children's section, tables with tea set, crafts, chalk board, shopping cart, plasma cars, train set table, large tea cup for sitting and reading, and more! Enjoy a hot beverage while your children play.

McDonald’s - Dieppe- playroom, with closed doors, washroom inside the play area

Scholar's Choice - train set table, doll house and craft/colouring table, building and connecting tabletop toys.

Sequoia Whole Foods - 114 Highfield Street, Moncton. Shop with ease while your children enjoy a ride on a plasma car, or shop with their very own toy shopping cart. The infant and child section is ever expanding. Stroller ramp onsite.

Champlain Place Double and single strollers are available for use, free of charge. Located at the information booth infront of SportsChek. A nursing room is located beside the public washrooms located at the food court.

Marché Dieppe Market What: fresh local fruits & vegetables in season, fresh meat & cheese, fruit wines and crafts. Where: Acadia Avenue, Dieppe When: Saturdays 7:00am-1:30pm Contact: Comments: lots of free parking.

Marché Moncton Market What: fresh produce, meat, locally produced food, unique crafts, gifts & fine art, and art performances Where: 120 Westmorland St, Moncton When: Saturdays 7:00am-2:00pm Contact: Comments: over 1000 free parking spots available on Saturday morning.

Riverview Town Market What: vendors, music, entertainment, food and more Where: Chocolate River Station, 391 Coverdale Rd. When: Fridays 4-9pm

Shediac Market in the Park/ Marché au parc What: artists, crafters, farmers, cuisine, music Where: Parc Pascal Poirier Park When: Sundays 9am-2pm June 1-September 1 Contact: