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This section highlights some of our favourite things.

From behavioural advice to products to vacation spots, we have it covered. If you have a fav we should add to one of the categories below or to a new category, then Contact Us. These are some things that make our lives - dare I say it - a little bit easier!

Bright Ideas

Black-Eyed Peas for Good DeedsBlack-Eyed Peas for Good Deeds

March 31st, 2009: Get a little help from the Easter Bunny... Read More »

Craft Storage

June 26th, 2008: Store craft supplies easily. Read More »


May 22nd, 2008: Potty training a toddler this summer? Read More »

Summer Fun Car Kit

May 22nd, 2008: Be prepared to play! Read More »

Spaghetti ShirtsSpaghetti Shirts

May 1st, 2008: No hassle mess — who knew? Read More »

Mini PicassoMini Picasso

April 30th, 2008: Capture the creativity and the memory. Read More »

Magical Song Box

April 30th, 2008: Great for rainy days. Read More »