Canada Food Giude

Canada's Food Guide is a great resource for parents. The website now has an interactive tool called My Food Guide that allows you to personalize the information found in Canada's Food Guide.

Sobeys and Superstore

  • What: Both stores have registered dieticians on staff and often hold free classes such as "Label Reading" and Nutritional Snack/Meal Preparation for parents.

Superstore: Kitchen Kids

  • What: Cooking Class for Children
  • Age: 6-11 years old
  • Where: Superstore Community Rooms
  • Contact: Superstore in your area
  • Comments: Parent/caregiver must be in attendance

Tips for getting your child to eat:

  • If a child does not like a food, keep serving it. Some studies suggest that a child needs to try a food at least ten times before truly knowing whether they like it.
  • If a child is getting tired of a food or says they don't like it, try cutting or presenting it differently. Slice bananas and stand them vertically and call them banana towers, or arrange the food to like a flower or happy face.
  • To avoid whinning hungry children while you're cooking supper, slice some raw carrots, cucumber or peppers for them to snack on while waiting for supper to be cooked.
  • Keep a regular schedule of mealtimes and snacktimes
  • Make sure snacktimes aren't too close to mealtimes and monitor the amount of liquids consumed between meals as this may spoil their appetite.
  • Try not to allow food to become an object of blackmail or hold dessert hostage.
  • Offer small servings and provide a wide variety.