Immunizations & Healthy Toddler Assessment


Routine Childhood Immunization Services (excerpt from the NB government’s website)

Routine childhood immunization services are available through family physicians and Public Health offices.

Immunization is a process that helps your body fight off diseases caused by certain viruses and bacteria. One way to be immunized is to receive a vaccine. Vaccines are safe and effective. By saying yes to vaccines you are helping to protect your child. Before your child starts school in New Brunswick, it is required by law (Education Act) that proof of the immunizations required under the Public Health Act be provided. The law allows you to refuse based on medical reasons or reasons of religious belief or conscience. You do have the right to refuse them.

Fighting diseases by vaccinating is team work. If you or other parents choose not to take part, your child and the whole team can lose its fight against vaccine preventable diseases. Parents of adolescents who are not currently enrolled in a public school in New Brunswick can call their local Public Health office for further information on adolescent immunization.

To obtain an immunization record in New Brunswick, you must contact the source where you received your immunization. If you received your immunization from a doctor, you must contact that doctor. If you received your immunizations at a Public Health clinic, you must contact the Public Health clinic where you received your immunizations. Records for immunizations administered in a Public Health clinic prior to 1991 may not be readily accessible.


  • If your family doctor does not administer vaccines, you need to call Public Health to schedule your baby’s appointments. There is a waiting period, so call right away and do not wait until your baby is the age of the required vaccination or they will get behind schedule. Moncton: 856-2401 (81 Albert St; Sackville: 364-4080 (95 Queens Rd); Shediac: 533-3354 (342 Main St); Richibucto: 523-7607 (Cartier Place)
  • The Public Health office in Moncton has a private breastfeeding area which can often help sooth your baby afterwards.
  • The 12 month needles are perhaps the most painful for your baby, so be prepared!

Immunization Schedule

For more information on the individual vaccines and schedule of shots, visit the Province of New Brunswick’s Immunization information booklet and routine immunization schedule at

Healthy Toddler Assessment

The Healthy Toddler Assessment is provided by the two Regional Health Authorities. The assessment targets 18-month-old children and is delivered by public health nurses. This assessment is in addition to the work that Physicians and Nurse Practitioners do in supporting parents in the healthy development of their toddlers.

Eligibility Children who are 18 months-of-age and who live in New Brunswick are eligible to attend the Healthy Toddler Assessment. The child’s family will receive an invitation, by mail, to attend an assessment in their local area.

Description Children will be assessed concerning their teeth, vision, hearing, child development, growth, nutrition immunizations and safety. Public health nurses will also take the opportunity to discuss topics such as literacy and depression.

The assessment will support the healthy growth and development of young children by: • providing early screening and assessment; • promoting healthy lifestyle practices and behaviours; • identifying resources and referring to services where needed; and • gathering health information about New Brunswick children.

For more information regarding the Healthy Toddler Assessment, contact your local Public Health clinic. * Moncton: 856-2401 (81 Albert St) * Sackville: 364-4080 (95 Queens Rd) * Shediac: 533-3354 (342 Main St) * Richibucto: 523-7607 (Cartier Place)