Inside of the Crib Parties

Michaels will put together a custom project, complete with all the materials and instructions, for your birthday guests to make at your own home. Call for details 382-8800.

If you want to go at it alone but need help with theme ideas, check out these websites that can help you wade through the endless birthday party themes if you want to host the party at home.

Here are a few of our favourite in-house themes submitted by moms we know and love. If you’ve hosted a great party then Contact Us and share with the rest of the class!

Favourite mom-tested birthday party ideas:

Charity & Green Birthday Parties are becoming popular. Visit the OTC’s Newsletter section June Newsletter to read an article on this growing trend in birthday parties.

A Ratatouille Cooking Party:

Buy chef hats or aprons and have the children decorate them with fabric markers before the cooking begins. Kids make their own pizzas and ice cream sundaes. Children obviously get to keep their hats or aprons and treat bags included Ratatouille Pez dispensers and kid-friendly cooking utensils among other standard items.

A Breakfast Party:

Children arrive early in the morning still dressed in their jammies with blankie and teddy bear in tow. The menu includes breakfast items which many kids love. A cereal bar or a pancake/waffle bar allow children to pick what they want to top their waffles or pancakes (i.e. chocolate chips, berries, bananas). Invitations were done on recipe cards and slipped into a miniature pillowcase made from a moon & stars piece of fabric. If you can't sew, fabric glue works just as well. Fill it with a bit of quilting batting or cotton balls to puff it out. Play games like musical pillows, hot teddy bear, or pin the slippers on the person dressed in jammies. Decorate with moon and star cut-outs, pillows, sleeping bags, and stuffed animals. Morning birthday parties also catch children at their best moods and you’ll have the rest of the day to enjoy family time.

Mini Olympics:

This sports themed party is great when an actual Olympics is approaching. Great for summer or winter. Each child can be assigned a country on the invitation, adapt various events for the age of the children, and hand out medals at the closing ceremonies.

Non-sense parties: * Ask guests to dress up and arrive in wigs and moustaches. * Backwards party - wear clothes backwards, eat the meal out of order, play games the wrong way. * Beach party for a winter month birthday - dress in summer clothes, sunglasses, and flip flops/crocs, sit on beach towels for a picnic, and serve popsicles or freezies.