About Us

Welcome to the OTC! Just as cool as the OC and way more informative.

We are Greater Moncton’s go to site for parents. OutsideTheCrib.com is Greater Moncton’s first locally produced parenting resource and information guide. It includes activities your entire family can enjoy together, classes and programs you can enrol your child in, childcare & health information, and so much more!

The OTC’s mission is to connect parents to each other and the community by arming them with the information they need to get the most from active living and entertainment opportunities. We strive to get families “outside of the crib” and live healthier lifestyles by participating in activities that will enrich the mind, body and soul.

After Alison gave birth to her first daughter in 2004, she struggled to find things to do in the community and connect with other moms. Because of my ‘first-time mom’ anxieties and the chilly winter months, she found the need to get out of the house overwhelming. Hence the makings of OutsideTheCrib.com. Just like its name says, this site provides the information needed to get the baby out of the crib and the parent out of the house. Having a child doesn’t have to be an isolating experience. In fact, having a child opens you up to an entirely new community. This is your road map. Use it to help navigate through the wonderful world of parenting.

-Alison decided to sell the site after 5 years of success. When the owner of Peaceful Families Consulting in Dieppe, Charlene Savoie, heard Alison was selling the site and the rights to the Parent Palooza she was very excited to buy it. So she did! Now in 2013 I, Charlene, will continue to offer this fabulous site to all parents and continue to have the Parent Palooza event once or twice a year. Thank you all for the support and take care! Charlene Savoie

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